Case Studies.

Check out some of my recents case studies that incorporate UX Design, visual design, user research and front-end development.

Half-Baked Designs Cover

Half-Baked Designs

Half-Baked Designs is an experimental playground that I created to showcase some of my ideas in design and code.

Howegood cover image


Howegood is a simple surf forecast aggregation app that I created for one of my favourite local surf breaks.

Swellwatch Cover Image

SwellWatch Surf Reports App

A personalised surf report app that I'm designing for fun. Still a work in progress, but here's some of the progress so far.

Poppulo Apps Preview Image

Poppulo Apps

Poppulo Apps is an integrations platform that I designed during my time at Poppulo. This is a brief preview of the project.

My Site Cover Image

My Personal Site

Want to know more about how I made my site? Here's a run down of the project, from the design phase all the way through to implementation.

Peak banking app cover image

Peak Banking App

A visual design project that involved designing a cutting-edge banking application. Completed as part of my UXDI Visual Design certification.

Fly UX Cover Image

FlyUX Airline Website

An airline flight booking redesign project that involved all the major phases in the UX process. Completed as part of my UXDI Professional UX Diploma.