About Me.

Hi, I'm Dan! I'm a 30-year-old product designer from Cork, Ireland. I'm passionate about trying to make a real difference through design and I pride myself on having the front-end skills to bring my ideas to life. Previously, I was a multiple-time Irish swimming champion and represented Ireland on the world stage.

What I do

Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to gain many skills in the fields of UX and product design. Here are a few that I pride myself on;

  • UX & Interaction designUsing various UX methodologies and user insights to design solutions that solve real user problems.
  • UX ResearchConducting different UX Research methodologies to uncover the goals, needs & pain points that users experience.
  • UI Design & Design SystemsApplying visual design & atomic design principles to create of scalable design components and visually appealing interfaces
  • Front-end DevelopmentI use numerous front-end technologies to bring my designs to life, including HTML, CSS, Javascript & React.js.
  • Accessibilty In both design & code, I'm always considering how to make my designs fully accessible.

Work Experience


CergenX : Senior Product Designer

Starting in July 2022, I'll be working as a senior product designer on the CergenX team. In the medical tech space, the CergenX product aims to monitor the brain activity of newborn infants to identify those most at risk of brain injuries where early intervention is crucial. My role includes developing a medical device interface design, along with designing and developing various supporting web platforms.


Poppulo : UI/UX Designer

I spent nearly 3 years as a UI/UX designer with Poppulo. Poppulo provides an omnichannel internal communications platform to some of the world's largest, most well-known companies and their internal communications teams. During my time at Poppulo I worked on various parts of the product including the employee mobile app, the Analytics product and the new Integrations platform.


Fathom : UX Associate

My first role in the digital design industry was with Fathom. Fathom is an award-winning experience design agency based in Belfast that works with well-known businesses and organisations to improve their UX and service design. I worked alongside the team on multiple UX research & design projects for Fathom's clients. I gained valuable experience that set me up well for a career in design.


Irish international swimmer

I spent much of my previous life swimming up and down a pool. I was a multiple-time national champion & represented Ireland at several international competitions, including multiple European Championships and World University Games. In 2015 I was ranked 12th in the world in my main event, the 200m breaststroke. It didn't come easily; for years, I trained up to 30 hours a week in constant pursuit of those 'fractions of a percent' improvements.


  • UI Design certification, UX Design Institute 2020-2021
  • Professional UX diploma, UX Design Institute 2019-2020
  • BSC in Design Ergonomics, Loughborough University2012-2016

Other Interests

Surfing has always been a big passion of mine. I've been surfing for the best part of 20 years, and getting in the water and catching waves excites me like very little else does. Unfortunately, the swell on the south coast of Ireland can be a bit inconsistent, especially over the summer. That means that we have to brave the winter conditions. Surfing through the winter in Ireland isn't the most glamorous. The water's freezing and the conditions can be pretty harsh, but it's gratifying when you get it on a good day! In recent years, I've also enjoyed getting into mountain biking and indoor climbing. They're excellent ways to stay fit when the ocean is dormant.

Here are a few pictures from a recent winter swell — photo credit to Michael Prior.