Poppulo Apps

At Poppulo, I worked on projects of high importance across multiple products and product areas. One project involved designing a platform that would allow customers to create & maintain integrations between Poppulo and their internal systems. It was a requirement for Poppulo’s new omnichannel offering. This platform was named ‘Poppulo Apps’. The intention was not just to support available integrations at the time but also any potential future integrations that might come along. A future-proof, scalable solution. I was the sole designer on the project, and some of the main tasks that I undertook were:

  • Understanding the user needs and goals through interviews and developing user personas.
  • Creation of Journey maps and user flows.
  • Thoroughly understanding the business requirements & project scope.
  • Competitor research of other integration platforms.
  • Multiple rounds of user testing and design iterations.
  • Frequent feedback from the UX team on flows/designs and from Engineering on technical requirements and feasibility.
  • Handover of final screens for development, with full implementation specifications.

Here are a few designs of the end product of that work. More can be shown on request.